Our Horses

We have a good selection of beautiful horses and ponies, chosen specifically for their experience, safety and temperament. Some have been with our group for many years and others have recently been kindly gifted to us. The life for a horse within the RDA can be the perfect retirement package for the right horse or pony, performing light duties and being expertly cared for by our dedicated staff and volunteers.

We need the funds to keep our stars fed, vetted and shod throughout the year. Your donations make this happen and however small are greatly appreciated. If you would like to sponsor one of our horses or ponies please look at our Support a Pony scheme. You can find more pictures of your favourite in our Horse and Pony Gallery.

If you know of a horse you think may be suitable for RDA let us know.
From time to time we are looking for another horse to join our team. This may be a larger horse for our adult or heavier riders, or a pony for our younger clients. 

Temperament is all important for an RDA horse. We have some very vulnerable children and adults riding our horses, so we have a very comprehensive process for assessing and choosing suitable RDA equines. Older horses & ponies and those happy with a slower pace of life often make ideal candidates but any horse over the age of 5 can be considered.

In return we offer first class care by BHS qualified and experienced staff and trained volunteers at our purpose built 5 star rated centre in Suffolk. We manage every horse according to its needs, including offering them a variety of exercise outside of RDA sessions. This could be pole work, lungeing, long-reining and hacking with staff and volunteers.

If you do think your horse may be suitable please get in touch with Claire, our Yard Manager by email, or by phoning the office on 01473 737087.

Born: 2006
Height: 14.1hh
Bay Mare (Ride and Drive)
Likes: Food. Outdoor carriage driving.
Dislikes: Lack of personal space.

Born: 2001
Height: 14.1hh
Black Mare
Likes: Treats, scratches, hacking out.
Dislikes: Being bossed about and not getting her own way.

Born: 2001
Height: 14.1hh
Flea-bitten Grey Mare
Likes: Jumping, food, pulling funny faces.
Dislikes: Not having a job to do and leaving her friend Lucy.

Name: Lucy

Born: 2001
Height: 11hh
Bay Mare
Likes: Going on adventures (on a lead rope) and having a good groom.
Dislikes: leaving her friend Fizz.

Name: Milly

Born: 2001
Height: 15.2hh
Black Mare
Likes: Food! A nice warm rug. Indoor schooling. More food.
Dislikes: Being kept waiting and standing still.

Name: Colonel Horatio Pugwash (Pugs)

Born: 2007
Height: 16.2hh
Grey Gelding
Likes: Parsnips.
Dislikes: Yet to find out...

Name: Sunny
Born: 2009
Height: 15hh
Black Gelding (Ride and Drive)
Likes: Hacking out, a nice groom, food.
Dislikes: Having his tummy groomed.

Name: Mr. Tom

Born: 2003
Height: 14.1hh
Piebald Gelding (Ride and Drive)
Likes: Trips out carriage driving, Dolly.
Dislikes: Standing around, indoor schooling.