Support A Pony

Sponsorship £20 Per Year

Hi, my name is Fizz and I have been asked to write and to tell you about the horses and ponies and the work we do at Riding for the Disabled at Woodbridge. I have been chosen to do this as I have been working at the RDA for quite a few years and while I might not be the biggest (at 12.2 hh) everyone knows the ponies are the smartest, so I am the spokesperson for the horses and ponies here.

At the RDA our job is to help disabled children and adults enjoy riding and carriage driving in a very safe environment. This is really helpful for their physical and emotional well-being and I know that they all get huge benefits from this.

We would love it if you would support one of us so we can carry on doing our jobs. We suggest a donation of £20 for a year. 

As a supporter you will receive a letter from your horse, along with a photograph and a gift of either a horse keyring or a pony fridge magnet. We will also send you an annual newsletter and invite you to an open day when you can come and meet your special pony and have your photograph taken with them. 

This makes a lovely gift for a child, friend or loved one.

If you would like to sponsor one of our horses or ponies please look at the profiles in the application form below (or on our website).

Thank you very much