unnamed-2jpg Ponies' Christmas Wishlist

Hello Everyone - RDA Lucy here! I’ve been selected to boldly present the RDA ponies' Christmas Wish List to you!

You may know that we always get plenty of Xmas munchies like carrots & apples etc., so this year we wanted to ask you to hold off on those please (we do have to watch our waistlines!) and perhaps look at our list below to see if there is anything on it you feel like getting for us for Xmas instead.


Our Wish List
• Mane & Tail Conditioner (e.g., NAF Silky Mane & Tail De-Tangler)
• Saddle Soap
• Liquid Glycerine Soap
• Hoof Moist
• New Brushes:

 Dandy Brushes, Rubber Curry Combs, Magic Brushes, Mane & Tail

• Hoof Picks
• Head Collars: Full for Horses; XFull for Izzy & Pugs; Cob for Ponies
• Voucher to pay for cleaning/re-proofing a turnout rug
• General Xmas Voucher towards Feed etc.

Easy Purchase Arrangements

  - You can pop into Happy Horse, Melton where they have our Xmas list.


 - You can purchase your gift at Happy Horse by card over the phone: 01394 388833
Happy Horse Staff will be waiting to take a note of your name & your chosen gift so we can get a human to say a personal big thanks to each of you!

If you would like an acknowledgement of your gift please send Lucy a one line emaillucy@rdawoodbridge.org.uk, with your name and details of your gift.

Last Purchase Date: Sunday 19th 4pm

All of your generous gifts will be delivered to us on Monday 20th December.

With Very Big Appreciative & Festive Nuzzles to You All,
Me (Lucy) & My Friends: Dolly, Fern, Fizz, Izzy, Jacko, Kelpie, Lulu, Mr Tom, Sunny & Colonel Horatio Pugwash (Pugs)x