Indoor Arena

Our arena, officially opened in December 2017, gives us an all-weather, even surface for our riding sessions and can also be used for carriage driving. The arena is slightly larger than the standard 20m x 40m with additional covered space to the side accommodating six individual horse stalls, the arena viewing gallery and our community room which also houses a small kitchen, toilets and the RDA office.

Private Bookings
Our indoor arena is available for private bookings when not being used by RDA. A variety of poles, blocks and cones are also available for use in the indoor arena. Access to toilets, hand washing facilities and use of the kitchen are available by prior arrangement. We can also offer you use of the arena sound system should you wish to practice your dressage test to music, simply want to enjoy music while schooling your horse, or need to use a microphone - please ask for details.

What does it cost?
We suggest a minimum donation of £25 per hour for the first horse and £10 per horse thereafter, however, if you would like to make a larger donation then this is always welcomed. We are happy to discuss regular, repeat bookings and bookings for non-riding use. All funds raised go directly to support our riding and carriage driving programmes, the care of horses, and the upkeep of the arena and facilities.

How to make a booking
When making a booking it is helpful to give us as much notice as possible, we may not always be able to accept bookings at short notice. To make a booking or for more information then please call 01473 737087 or email

We are not always on site,  let us know if you have not visited our facilities or used our arena before and we will arrange for someone to unlock the gates and meet you to show you how everything works.

Terms & Conditions

  • Use of the arena is entirely at your own risk, it is your responsibility to check the arena before entering to ensure it has been left in a safe condition and to ensure that the premises are secured when you leave.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • All users must ensure that all parties involved in the private session are aware of the Fire Exits and the Fire Assembly Point.
  • No first aid cover is provided by RDA (Woodbridge & District) for private bookings. If you are booking for individual use you are advised to bring a family member with you to help in case of emergencies.
  • The arena may be used for horse riding and carriage driving, lungeing is not permitted.
  • All riders must wear protective headgear conforming to BSI standards and correct footwear at all times when mounted.
  • All droppings in the arena or car park must be picked up using your own equipment. All litter must be taken home with you. 
  • No hay or feed is permitted within the arena.
  • No dogs are allowed on the site.
  • Please do not allow your horse(s) to come into contact with the RDA horses.
  • If your horse or another horse on your yard is showing any signs of being unwell, then please cancel your booking and do not travel to our site.
  • All participants must hold their own public liability insurance. Any instructor using the arena for tuition purposes must have appropriate insurance. We reserve the right to request sight of such insurance policies.
  • RDA (Woodbridge & District) will not be liable for any damage whatsoever to vehicles, animals, trailers, lorries, individuals, etc., whilst using their facilities.
  • No access is allowed to any other part of the centre. Please obey all signage.
  • The behaviour of all parties involved in the private session is the responsibility of the person booking the arena. Any damage caused to the property belonging to RDA (Woodbridge & District) will be charged to the user.
  • RDA (Woodbridge & District) reserve the right to cancel any future bookings in the event that these terms & condition is not adhered to.
  • Please be aware that RDA staff, volunteers or contractors may be working on site during your visit.

COVID-19 Precautions

We ask that before using the arena you ensure that you (and any others attending) are not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. If symptoms are evident, please cancel your booking.