Information for Participants

Our aim is that all our participants have a safe and enjoyable experience with us. The following information is intended to help you get the best out of your time with us. If you have any questions then please speak to the coach for your session or contact the office on 01473 737087 or via email. We also welcome your comments and feedback.

Clothing: Riders, drivers (and those accompanying them on the carriage) must wear suitable clothing i.e., loose fitting or stretchy, long trousers (no shorts), tops must cover the shoulders (no sleeveless tops) and layers (for warmth) in winter (scarves must be tucked in and coats must be done up). Gloves are recommended (please bring your own). We strongly advise against wearing jewellery that might get caught up whilst driving or riding.

We offer a range of clothing for participants that features our logo, for more details and to place an order please see our online order form.

Riding hats: must be worn and fastened at all times whilst riding, driving or otherwise in contact with horses. We have suitable hats available for loan, if participants prefer to bring their own then these must comply with current RDA requirements. If in doubt please speak to the coach for your session.

Footwear: drivers (and those accompanying them on the carriage) should wear comfortable, strong shoes, boots or safety trainers (steel toe-capped). For riders we have boots available for loan, for those who prefer to use their own, these must have a smooth sole and a clearly defined heel. Specialist footwear can only be worn with specialist stirrups (which we can provide), please speak to your coach. Wellington boots must not be worn when riding.

Cancellations: on occasions where we must cancel a session, for example due to extreme weather conditions for example, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please ensure that the office has an up-to-date contact number for you, ideally a mobile number.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, you must telephone 01473 737087 (if no one is available please leave a message on the answerphone), ideally at least 24 hours in advance and no later than 8.30am that day to let us know.

Riders: session times include mounting and dismounting. To help ensure a prompt start, please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your session to allow time for hat fitting. We aim to be punctual with start times but the nature of our work means that isn’t always possible. If we are running late, we will make up your session time.

Drivers: weekday carriage driving sessions for adults will start at 10:00 and run until approximately midday, please arrive no later than 11:30. Participants in the Saturday sessions for under 18s should aim to arrive 10 minutes before the start of your allocated session time.

Refreshments: squash, tea or coffee (and a biscuit) are available for a donation. Subject to availability, individually priced cold drinks and confectionary are also available – please see the list on display in the kitchen for details.

Contact Details

RDA (Woodbridge and District Group)
The Bays, Monewden Road
Clopton, Woodbridge
IP13 6QL

Centre Manager
Claire Hinitt
Phone: 01473 737087
Mobile: 07703 680484