Now you see me.

They see,
They stare,
But they are totally unaware,
That there's much more to me,
Than just my Wheelchair.
For 30 minutes,
I swap wheels for hooves,
To lift and carry, and help me move,
A mane and tail with fur so soft,
Soaks up my tears,
When I'm feeling lost.
My thoughts and worries fade away,
The warmth of my horse
Keeping my troubles at bay.
The view from up high is like nothing I know,
With every step I feel my confidence grow,
I always feel small,
looked down upon, unheard,
Ignoring these feelings, is something I haven't yet learnt
But sitting tall, upon my horse’s back,
I feel free, excited,
I feel ready for a hack.
Some days are good,
Some days are bad,
And some days I feel happy,
And some days I feel sad,
Whatever l feel, my horse feels too
Because we ride together,
Our hearts are always true.
Doctors and physios can't comprehend,
Where they have failed, my horse can mend.
My body is achy, tired and sore,
My ride is over
But I'm desperate for more.
I get off my horse,
And back in my chair.
They see,
They stare,
But this time,
Thanks to my horse
I really don't care.

Isabel Plummer

© 2023 RDA (Woodbridge & District Group)